So You Want To Make A Website/Social Media Video...Don't Forget This!

Whether it's a news story broadcast across the U.S., or just something you want to put on your website, there is one hugely important factor to consider with video. Can you make it visual? This might sound like a given, but believe me, I hear tons of great ideas, but they don't get off the ground because there's nothing visually interesting you can shoot to turn the idea into a compelling video.

Here's 3 quick tips to help you turn your thoughts on paper into something everyone can see...after all, visual content gets shared 40 TIMES MORE than non-visual content!

1) Break down your idea by writing down each part that is naturally visual. If it's an instructional video, you know that showing how to do something can easily be visual. But, maybe there's part of the video you can't figure out how to make visual, like why you're telling your clients to do one thing versus another. Take all those visual elements and get them on camera. **Here's an important thing about video, people are more likely to watch something that moves at a good pace. I personally like to change shots (depending on what it is) roughly every 5-10 seconds. That's not a hard, fast rule, but I don't want viewers to become bored. One way to do that is to shoot your video at a wide angle, and then shoot it again close up or at different angles. That way you can toggle between shots....but don't do too much switching if you only have those 2 angles...that can be dizzying. Shoot more! BTW, did you figure out what part was MOST visual? Well, try and put that at he beginning of your video to hook people in. You only have a few seconds to get people interested and to stop scrolling.

2) Now take a look at all the non-visual elements, because you're about to get creative! Even with the simplest editing software that comes free, like Windows Movie Maker on your PC...

or iMovie on your phone...

they have tools to create text overlay or graphics. When you want to take your points and turn them into words on the screen there's some things you have to remember to make it easily watchable. First, don't use too many words. No one wants to read a whole paragraph OR listen to the voice on the video read a whole paragraph. Make bullet points no longer than 6 or 7 words. That being said, also don't add 10 bullets to one screen...too much! Read and re-read what's being said over the bullets and cut down as much as you can while still making the same point. It may be a little tricky the first time you make a graphic but you'll get the hang of it and it will make your video more visually appealing. You will lose viewers if you're talking about something and the video on the screen doesn't match because it's a non-visual element you're discussing.

3) Make it short and sweet. When you're wasting time on social media (like we ALL do) you may see what looks to be an interesting video, you click and then...whaaaa??..a 5 minute video?! In your head: "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Yeah, 5 minutes is likely too long. Of course, it depends on what your video is about, but especially for social media, that's entirely too long. Social media, for most business purposes, is meant to tease and get people to your website/FB page to learn more. I try to make videos no longer than 3 minutes...but my preference is a minute and 15 seconds if possible. Sometimes a longer video is fine if you have a lot of visual elements and it keeps the pace of the video moving.

These are just 3 simple tips to make your video better, but there's a lot more to it! So, if you need help creating web or social media content, or have a question about doing your own, give me a's what I've been doing for the last 10 years!

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