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Sometimes that's all you need to get your point across with a video. Of course, it all depends on how and where your audience is checking out your video, but according to AdAge’s DigitalNext column, if you have not fully engaged your audience after the first 30 seconds, you’ve likely lost 33% of your viewers. After one minute, 45% have stopped watching.

Optimal viewing for Facebook videos is around 30-45 seconds. Think about all the times you saw a video headline on Facebook that caught your attention, clicked on the link, and then saw the video was 5 minutes long! Eeekkk! Sounds ridiculous, but yes, we've all become that impatient that, for the most part, a 5 minute video will turn us off.

YouTube is a different beast though. People go on YouTube to find tutorials, watch full episodes of shows, and so on... You can have a video 4 minutes long on this platform and get tons of views.

Sometimes it's best, if you have the time, patience, money, experience, etc., to make multiple videos for different platforms. Or, even easier, take your longer YouTube video and edit it down for something more suitable for Facebook or Twitter.

Big Red Media just finished this video for a local Realtor who was looking to up his game, get his face out there, show his personality and what makes him a pro at his job, but most of all, tell a story that connects the him to the viewer. In about a minute and 15 seconds I think we did exactly that, we told his story and what his goals are working with his clients. The best part is that professional videos don't always have to cost a lot. For a few hundred dollars he now has something to put on his website (uping his SEO), send in his emails (video=more opened emails), and show potential clients how he stands out. Take a look:

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