Welcome to Downtown Ft. Myers

This post is more of an observation, than a tip. Although, if it were a video tip, it would be basically to write and shoot what inspires you most, because likely it will do the same for others.

I almost forgot how beautiful downtown Ft. Myers really is. When I was 18 the downtown area is where I went to get into bars (often with my fake ID), listen to bands and run amok. Since then, I moved around to different cities and states, only spending a limited amount of time in the historic River District...until recently. I just completed a video project for the Fischler Property Company, marketing a commercial tract of land in the downtown area. Man, I forgot how awesome the area really is. The views of the Caloosahatchee River, the boats, the parks, the streetside dining, boutique shops and the overall mood of this extremely walkable environment. I love those things about the area, and they are truly the selling points for my client's site. I tried my best to write and capture footage that accentuated what I love so much, while marketing to the investors my client is looking for. Take a look below. Video doesn't have to break the bank, email me for a quote: renee@usebigred.com.

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