Secrets From the Newsroom and How I Reinvented Myself

For more than a decade I worked my butt off in newsrooms throughout Florida. I worked 10 to 14 hour days a minimum of 5 days a week, and that doesn't include the hours of time I put in before and after work (not paid!) to enterprise stories and shed light on both the good and the bad in the communities I worked in. I stood in the Florida sun, rain and even hurricanes to get the job done. I ran after alleged criminals in heels, nearly had my arm ripped out of its socket by one man and put myself in dangerous situations all the time, just to get the story. But, I loved it. I loved the adrenaline. Not every day was quite as exciting, but to me, at the time, it was all worth it to deliver someone's story to people who should be able to know it.

After 10 years of doing EVERYTHING in a newsroom, including sanding and reglazing a studio floor, I had made it to the #1 station in the county, WABC in New York City. I'm from New York, and having parents from Queens and Brooklyn made this homecoming a dream come true. However, I quickly discovered once you think you've made it to the top of your personal mountain of goals, you may find yourself at the bottom of happiness and fulfillment. I always liked what I did, telling other's stories; but to be honest, I just didn't like the companies I was doing it for anymore. When you start to hate waking up, and dread the thought of your work day before you even make it to your desk, then something needs to change. In this interview with Ex-Tv Producer Jennifer Moore I had a great time talking about things you may not know about a newsroom and how I reinvented myself when I realized it was time to break up with my first love of news.

Renee Stoll - TV Reporter Exits News Business to Start Media Company, Fly Drones

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