Repurposing Videos for Additional Marketing Content

Recently I shot a testimonial video for software platform company Servoy. It was one of three testimonials, shot in different states, of clients who had used their products to modernize their software from the look and user experience to the backend of operation and data. Needless to say, I learned a little something about software development!

There were two video goals, to begin with. The first was to take the three interviews, each over an hour long, and weave them together to tell the story of modernization by those who were using a product called Progress, and then use the same interviews to catch a broader audience who was using products other than Progress. The videos were between 6 and 7 minutes long, which worked well for the multiple uses Servoy had for them. The videos were first used in digital brochures, mailed to potential clients which played the video automatically as soon as the recipient opened the brochure...a pretty neat product you can look into more here. The video was then used in a newsletter emailed to Servoy's client database. There's still more potential uses Servoy may use as well, like FAQ Videos that chop down the longer format video into bite-size, minute-long videos for their website.

These are just a few of the way Servoy has repurposed three testimonial interviews...but there is TONS more! Here's just a few I can think of:

1) Different Video and Length for EACH Social Media Platform

Each social media platform has a different threshold for video length. YouTube prefers videos longer videos, so you can go more in-depth. On Instagram, you can go up to a minute, but around 30 seconds is where you get the most feedback. Facebook is a whole different beast. Videos that are a minute long work best for that platform. Here's a cheat sheet from Hubspot that breaks down the best length of videos for all social media platforms and why that length gets the biggest response.

2) Turn Your Videos Into a Podcast

A quick and easy way to turn your video into a podcast is to cut up testimonial interviews or other sound bites into smaller snippets and use them to backup or supplement what you, as the host of the podcast, discusses. This YouTuber explains how he turns his YouTube videos into podcasts here.

3) Break Down Longer Video Into Shorter Clips or FAQ Videos

Depending on what platform you plan to post your video on, keeping the attention of your audience for a video longer than even two minutes can be a challenge. A really practical way to get more out that video is to break it into topical videos of 30-60 seconds. Attention is a commodity these days and the only way to keep it sometimes is to make it short and sweet. "Frequently Asked Questions" or FAQs are less effective when in written form, VIDEO is more relevant and useful. Here's an example from a great company that makes FAQ videos for lawyers. Turn that testimonial or interview into FAQ videos, with each one covering a different topic and watch those views go up!

4) Transcribe Your Video and Make Into A Blog Post

Although research shows most of us are watching videos, there's still a lot going on in the blog world. Additionally, if you add the transcribed version of your video when you post to YouTube or your website, you are getting SEO benefits. You can look online for transcribing software or even use your phone or Google Docs to do it for free. Once transcribed, most of the work will already be done, but you may want to go through and just tidy up the copy. Here's a great article on benefits of transcribing.

5) Change the Video By Adding Graphics, Text or Animation

This technique works especially well if you have an explainer video. Incorporating more visual elements such as graphics, text or animation will take an older video and make it new again, but only if the information is still relevant. If you're edit savvy, you probably already know how to do this in programs like Premiere Pro, but if you need some inspiration or help check out Justin Odisho's YouTube tutorials, he breaks all kinds of edit hacks down in easy steps. Or, if you have no clue how to edit (and there's no shame in else do you think I stay in business!) then check out this article that shows some simple tools to jazz up your videos.

There are a lot more ways to repurpose your videos that we didn't even touch on, like taking stills from the video to use for social media posts, turning your content into a video press release, making a blooper reel or behind the scenes video...the possibilities are endless!

View Entire Servoy Product Video Here

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