How to Make the Most of Your "About Us" Page

A few years ago I made two video bios for an "About Us" page for a boutique commercial real estate brokerage. Today those videos continue to be one of the most viewed pages on their website. Although the broker of the company has been working in his area for decades, and a lot of people in his industry know him, most viewers didn't know his whole background...and it's a pretty interesting story that started by working in GOLD MINES! Those that know the broker learned something new about him that garnered more respect, and those that don't know him got a very personal view that created a connection.

Your "About Us" page is really your first introduction to potential clients. It should show your personality, what sets you apart and be a tool to boost SEO. Here's a great article from Hubspot, that goes more in depth about making your most personal page on your website shine, and some examples of how it can be done right.

"10 of the Best About Us Pages and How to Make Your Own"


View Entire Paul Hardy Video Bio Here

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